Tech procedures for Match report Click on link to download.

Welcome to tech corner!

The technical bench is a vital component of running hockey fixtures and supporting the umpires, without tech, games cannot proceed!

The volunteers for the tech bench as responsible for many things, such as, the score board, watering of the pitch, first aid station, game administration and officiating the dug outs

General Guidelines

  • Two people per game
  • To be at the pitch 30 minutes before start of the game
  • Water pitch
  • For first tech session, bring bag of ice
  • Collect all the equipment:

From shed:

  • 1 x green holdall bag
  • 1x stripy towel
  • 2x mesh bags containing face masks (to be put behind each goal)
  • 1x grey first aid box

From NSC first aid room:

  • 1x black satchel with tech board

Complete match report and squad lists

Ensure all squad members are members of BHF or have signed the waiver online or on paper prior to playing

Please see Tech procedures for Match report for further detail regarding completion of report

Time keeping

  • 60 minute game
  • 15 minute quarters
  • 2 minute breaks
  • 10 minute half / 5 minute half if pitch doesn’t require watering (confirm with umpires/captains before start of match)
    • Use of horn to signify end of quarters

Rules for game

It is tech’s responsibility to enforce these rules

  • Coaches must stay between 25yd lines
  • Players must not obstruct view
  • Carded players must sit before game can restart. Time 2 minutes for green card
  • Only players, tech and coaches in dug out. No Children
  • Keep eye contact with Umpire for stopping and starting game. Use of Radios is highly recommended.
  • Unbiased
  • Anyone bleeding must come off pitch, pitch must be cleaned with Alcohol before match restarts.
  • All junior must be wearing gum shield and shin pads. This is mandatory, if they don’t they will to be allowed to play.