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Where it all started...

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During the 70's?? Policemen, teachers, nurses.... 

As per the International Federation of Field Hockey (FIH) mandate, the Bermuda Hockey Federation was incorporated 8 June 2001, effectively merging what had previously been separate men's and women's organizations on the island.

As per This is the third most popular seasonal sport in Bermuda, with a Field Hockey Carnival and a number of teams playing each other competitively in two leagues. Once - but no longer - there was a Bermuda Men's National Team. In the Men's League, they include BCS Panthers, Chameleons, Police Polecats, Rebels, Upstarts and Wasps. In the Women's League, they include Bluebirds, Canaries, Cardinals, Orioles, Ravens, Swallows and Swifts. They also compete in the Central American & Caribbean Games. Field Hockey is played at three schools. 

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