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FUNStix Program

SATURDAY AFTERNOONS - during term time

For children aged 4 through 11 years of age, this program focuses on fun and is a great platform to start their hockey journey.

There are 2 sessions, split by age groups.

The curriculum is based on the SportWays ethos, providing a well-rounded experience for the children.

Junior Helpers

Evie, Billie, Sadie, Lizzie and more..

Age Groups


Objective: Getting to know movements & having fun
Development group: Early childhood
During the Active START phase, the main goal is to develop the players’ motor skills through fun-related activities with the ultimate goal of encouraging a healthy
lifestyle and continuing to enjoy sports for life. 


1pm to 2pm

4 to 7 years of age


Objective: Get to know hockey movements
Development group: Childhood
Throughout the FUNdamentals phase, players must learn the different hockey techniques needed to play the game of hockey. A strong focus on forehand
techniques must be present. Players should also be encouraged to perform as many techniques as possible in a ‘high’ position. Principles of leading, scoring and 
defensive techniques can be introduced.

2pm to 3:30pm

8 to 11 years of age

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